In 2016 there was an increase of mass anxiety surrounding democracy in Europe and the United States in the wake of Brexit and Trump. Part of that anxiety was fostered by the intensive use of harvested personal data during the political campaigns. Parties from both the left and right used Microtargeting, a hyper-personal marketing technique that utilised this data. This technique was reported to be able to sway the voting tactics of any individual within its database. However, time and time again Microtargeting has been proven to be of little to no effect. Targets investigates this misplaced anxiety by bringing leading researchers into a narrative-like discussion based on their specific fields of expertise together with the results of a psychographic advertising generator.

This film was shown as part of 'The Data Self' series at Impakt festival 2018 in Utrecht.

The film includes interviews conducted with Samantha Bradshaw (Oxford Internet Institute), Dr. Rebecca Feibrink (Goldsmiths University), Dr. Martin Moore (King's College London) and Frank Takes (Leiden University).