A Guide to my own website for myself

So welcome, Ben, to your own website. Here I hope to guide future you through this online space that your past self created. We'll go through the basics, nothing too strenuous but just enough to lay down some foundations for what this might become.

So this space is your own. It is for you and by you. You are the author, the publisher, the creator and the security guard to what you see here. Therefore it is your responsibility to make sure this place stays the way you like it. I don't know what your thoughts or ambitions are now but lets try to keep this your zone.

The reason your hand making this right now is because you believe in friction. Make sure there are conscious decisions guiding the way you structure and produce this space. Try not too fall into the hole of complacency or passivity in what you're doing here.

Deletion should only be an option when absolutely necessary. Mistakes shouldn't be covered up but make sure you feel okay with what you show here. Don't make yourself too uncomfortable but then on the other hand, don't filter everything.

Structure isn't the most important part of this. It's far to easy to get sucked into spending a lot of time organising and tagging anything that you upload but that isn't the goal of this space. Leave that in your finder. Others will find what they will find. But add a date to what you upload, sometimes it's nice to look back at your progress.

Think of the website as an ever-evolving species of animal. Right now it's living its life in this climate, but something can happen which means it might have to change an adapt. It will never be finished and it will never be final and even if it changes to such a point that it is unrecognisable as the original animal, it will still have its foundational roots, its DNA.

Don't get caught up in the clouds. This shouldn't make or break anything. There's always a bench nearby to take a minute to sit and contemplate what comes next. Don't let this space define what you do, let it become a part of it.

Take inspiration from everywhere. People, places, other websites, water, post-its, books, films, street names, music, Norway, postcards on the wall, your friends house, your friends(!), language...everything.

Don't take this guide seriously. These words are just thoughts and ideas you had at a particular time. Read them and take notice but don't depend on them.